Invictus Gaming Faith Interview

iG.Faith talks about their current form, living with teammates and much more!

Invictus Gaming are the current World Champions in Dota2 having won the International 2. They are looking to repeat their success in Seattle come this August. Although iG has been in a bit of a slump, they are still one of the most respected teams in the world of Dota2. We recently caught up with iG's Faith for a brief interview.

Hi Faith, how are you? Did you and your team take a break after G-1 Champions League?

We are busy training and adapting a new vision recently. After the G-1 finished, we took a day off and returned to train again.

Could you tell us how you were introduced to gaming? As well, how you were introduced to eSports?

When I was very young, my interest was just playing games. I started playing e-sports when recommended by friends, then  I also want to have a try.

You are the current world champions; do you feel a lot of pressure to perform personally as a result?

There will be pressure, everything you need to do is to keep your mind calm like usual.

Who do you think is your teams biggest rival at the moment and why?

Now everyone has seen games, the level difference between each team is very big, and everyone has their own unique characteristics. As the new direction is just out, everyone is busying training, I feel every team is powerful opponent and cannot be overlooked.

What is the team atmosphere like after G-1? Are there any changes to your practice regimen now?

The atmosphere is as usual, after all we have stayed together so long and everyone trusts each other. The training arrangement hasn't changed much, and we mainly have discussions and summarize games together.

Your team has moved to Shanghai. What are your feelings about moving so frequently. Which place do you like and why?

I think having moved to Shanghai is great, and we can adapt to the climate here. Besides, the condition is also better than Beijing.

People say that Chinese teams are really good at perfecting strategies but very slow to change to new trends. This puts Chinese teams behind the rest of the world sometimes. ChuaN even said before G-1 that if the western teams won that it meant they were years ahead of the Chinese teams in terms of strategy. How does iG handle these changes in trends? Do you try to innovate and develop new trends of your own, or do you try to stick to perfecting proven strategies?

We will use others' combinations, try their play, and then put our thoughts into it.


iG is very close as a team, could you tell us what it is like living with your teammates/friends?

A group of people living together is very interesting. We can rip on each other/joke with each other, and everyone is happier.

Do you all spend time together outside of the game? Do you hang out or go to hotpot together like regular friends?

We are a team, so we often go out together.

Have you ever been recognized on the street by fans before?

Sure, but most time is on the way to tournament.

What is it like going to large events in China and meeting your fans? When you started playing, did you ever think you would be where you are today with all of these fans and fame?

I hadn't thought of it. When I just want to have a try from the beginning, because it is my interest.

Gaming, although incredibly large in China, still has a difficult time being respected as a legitimate profession by older generations. How has your family reacted to your career choice from the beginning until now?

They are against it at the beginning, then they gradually accept it, and now they are very supportive.

In a previous interview, you said you had a good impression of Dendi. And at TI2 it seemed as though iG and NaVi were pretty friendly with one another. Do your two teams still keep in touch with one another or try to practice/discuss strategies together?

dendi is in my steam's friend list, I chat with him sometimes. But most time is discussing strategy with teammates.

What are you looking forward to most in Seattle in August?

My greatest hope is playing to the best of our ability and live up to our name to leave no regrets, and continue to win honor for our country!

The compendium is a big thing in the west, if it were to reach $3.2 million, what hero would you like to see added into the game and why?

Squee and Spleen. I think this hero is very interesting.

What area do you feel you need or want to improve upon personally for TI3?

TI2 was prefect on all aspects, I couldn't think where we could improve.

Do you have anything you would like to say to your Chinese and international fans?

Thanks to your support for Chinese e-sports and iG, we will do our best to prepare for TI3 and leave no regrets!

We would like to thank Invictus Gaming's manager, Vintage Kuma for helping facilitate the interview, as well as our friends at for helping translate and publish the Chinese version of the interview.


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