Flash eSports is looking for new Editorial Staff

This year marks a lot of special changes here at Flash eSports and as such we have ambitious plans of growth that we would like to share with you.

Part of that growth means expanding our editorial team. You may have already noticed a few minor changes to the style and layout of our website over the past couple weeks. These changes are part of our new direction; Flash eSports aims to establish itself as the Number 1 eSports content provider in Singapore and the greater South East Asia region.

As a result, we are looking for additions to our editorial team. We are looking for all kinds of content contributions - not just writers. That said; our editorial team works together and the general job description below is the same for each member of our editorial team, despite whether you write, create videos, stream, commentate, etc. Our editorial team will be working together to provide the best eSports coverage in the greater SEA region.

We are currently seeking:

- Features writer
- Stream personality
- Video producer

Job Description

As part of Flash eSports' editorial team you will be on the forefront of content development regarding South East Asian eSports. You will be expected to experiment, create, design, develop and implement eSports content regarding the Flash eSports team and SEA eSports in general.

You will be working along with other content developers and our Editor in Chief in order to create a high level of quality and consistency in the Flash eSports publishing platform and channels. This also means being an active and reliable member of the editorial team.


  • Create consistent levels of quality content in English - this means meeting deadlines and working with your fellow editorial members to improve each other's content
  • Experiment with and develop new kinds of creative content
  • Act as an ambassador of Flash eSports
  • Attend bi-weekly staff meetings
  • Keep up with current eSports news and trends


  • Be at least 16 years of age or older
  • Knowledge of South East Asia eSports scene is a must
  • Read, write and communicate effectively in English (other languages are a plus)
  • Ability to dedicated 5-10 hours a week to developing content
  • A genuine interest in creating eSports related content


  • Have your content published on a stable publishing platform with multiple channels to gain recognition and notoriety
  • Your work will be viewed by thousands of people around SEA and the rest of the world
  • Work with experienced eSports professionals both inside and out of Flash eSports
  • High level of training and individual attention from management to help improve your work
  • Participation in our staff incentives program

To apply to be a member of the Flash eSports editorial team, please send an email Also, should you have any questions feel free to send us an email.



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