There will be 4 seasons of Flash DotA2 League in 2013,
each season will have 3 categories -
Open, Amateur and Professional.
There will be one season per quarter.

The Open Category will be open to all for registration,
but teams need to qualify for the Amateur and
Professional League slots.

Open Category 26-27 January 2013
Amateur League 2 February 2013
Professional League 3 February 2013

All registered gamers will receive 1-Year Free Membership at Alienware Arena.

(Membership worth $40 entitles members to reduced hourly rates, special membership packages and discounts off Alienware hardware)

  • Open Category S$50
    1. » Early bird special of $30 if you register by Monday
         14th Jan 2013 2359 +8GMT
    2. » First 20 teams that register also get 2 hours free play
  • Amateur League S$20*
  • Professional League S$10*
    1. *(applicable to teams who qualify for the Season 2)
  • Open Category
    1. 1st - S$300 + Steam Wallet USD20 x5
    2. 2nd - S$200
    3. 3rd - S$100
    4. 4th to 8th - S$50 per team
  • Amateur League
    1. 1st - S$500 + Steam Wallet USD30 x5
    2. 2nd - S$400
    3. 3rd - S$200
    4. 4th - S$100
  • Professional League
    1. 1st - S$1,000 + Steam Wallet USD40 x5
    2.      + S$468 MyRepublic Voucher1 x5
    3. 2nd - S$500
    4. 3rd - S$300
  • Individual Prizes
    1. Top Supporter - S$50 + Steam Wallet USD10
    2. (by Assists)
    3. Top Killer - S$50 + Steam Wallet USD10

To be played in a League format, with 3 categories – Open, Amateur and Professional – per season. There will be one season per quarter.

The Open Category will be open to all for registration, but the teams need to qualify for the Amateur and Professional League slots.

  • Season 1 – Open Category
    1. 64 slots, open registration
  • Season 1 – Amateur League
    1. 16 slots, by qualification from Open Category
  • Season 1 – Professional League
    1. 8 slots, by qualification from Amateur League
  • Season 2 – Open Category
    1. 32 slots, open registration
  • Season 2 – Amateur League
    1. 16 slots - 4 slots for Season 1 Professional League
    2.      teams which placed 5th-8th,
    3.  - 4 slots for Season 1 Amateur League
    4.      teams which placed 5th-8th,
    5.  - 8 slots (or more) by qualification
    6.      Open Category teams.
  • Season 2 – Professional League
    1. 8 slots - 4 slots by qualification from Amateur
    2.      League,
    3.   - 4 slots for Season 1 Professional League
    4.      teams which placed 1st-4th.

Season 3 and 4 will follow Season 2’s Structure
Teams will retain their standing in their respective leagues for the following season unless 2 or more of the players change. They will then have to re-register for the Open Category.

  • » Teams which change more than 2 members of their original roster (excluding substitutes) need to re-register for the open category in the next season even if they qualified for the Amateur/Professional League.
  • » Only the registered reserve player of the team may substitute for the team.
  • » A player can only be registered in one team per season. This includes the reserve player.
  • » The organizer may promote teams to the Amateur/ Professional League if the qualified teams retire from the competition season.
  • » If the whole team is late for more than 15minutes from the time they are told to report, they will be disqualified, and their opponent will automatically be given a walkover.
  • » If at least 3 members are present, drafting will commence 15minutes after the reporting time. At the end of the drafting process, if the teammates are still not present, they may choose heroes for them, but no further sharing of control or use of other PCs is allowed. When the members who are late arrive, they may join in the game.
  • » If there are disconnections or hardware problems, players may pause for their teammates to reconnect or to solve the problem.
  • » If there is a pause, please inform the marshal who will determine if there is a problem.
  • » Resuming will be upon the marshal’s instruction ONLY.
  • » Intentional disconnections might lead to the disqualification of the team.



You’ve seen Tobi, you know Statman Bruno.
Here’s your first step closer to them.
Join the first ever Shoutcasting Contest where your fate
is decided by the viewers’ votes.

Whether or not you win,
this could be your only chance casting a live event,

27 January • 2 February • 3 February

  1. » Registered competitors for the Shoutcasting Contest may come down on the 26th Jan to warm up and check their settings on the casting PCs from 9am onwards.
  2. » Casters will be scheduled and informed after stage matches have been scheduled.
  • Fee of S$10 per person
    1. » Early bird special of $5 if you register by Monday 14th Jan 2013 2359 +8GMT
  1. 1st - S$100 + Steam Wallet USD10
  2.  + Contract with Twitch
  1. » To have aspiring shoutcasters take turns to cast the matches live on Twitch, either in pairs or solo, depending on the number of signups
  2. » Voting will open on the 27th Jan 2013, at
  3. » 3 Lucky Voters stand a chance to win prizes for themselves too!

Casters will be scheduled matches to cast (these may be stage matches or otherwise). We will try to give each caster the same number of matches to cast. Casters will have to cast the matches which we pick for them.

Schedule will be announced after registration closes.

  1. » Use of expletives is discouraged.
  2. » Racist remarks will lead to an immediate disqualification.
  3. » The caster will be issued warnings if the viewers/ Marshals deem that anything they say is disrespectful, derogatory or discriminating.
  4. » The caster will be disqualified after 3 warnings.


The FD2L and Shoutcasting competition are only for gamers and shoutcasters
who will be able to physically attend the competition in Singapore
on 26/27 Jan 2013 and 2/3 Feb 2013